Opencart Speed Optimization

Google says-“Everybody deserves a fast web experience” and so as we! We surmise - for every website speed matters!

Since 2010 Google used the loading times of pages as a major factor that affects its search ranking algorithms. The website that loads faster and give better user experience ranked higher on Google’s search results. The only reason why Google put speed as an important aspect in ranking is to boost user experience.

Let’s get familiar to speed optimization

Either you are a web surfer or a website owner while searching anything on World Wide Web what are your preferences? To get the relevant results and website loaded in seconds we believe these two are the most important aspects one can consider while surfing internet. Speed optimization works on the time taken from any website to load and boost up with such speed by applying tricks and tactics so that it can load inseconds.

Does loading speed of web page impact on Google rankings?

The page speed does not impact on rankings often, but whenever it effects than it can be significant. A good page ranking comes after the combination of several algorithmic factors, though page speed can be consider a minor factor when analyze all together, but it’s a fact that this can boost the rankings easily.

How Google measure the load times of pages?

Google usually receives the load speed data of sites and pages from variety of sources such as:

  • Google toolbar
  • Googlebot response times

How the speed of page impacts on user experience?

We all are much aware about the facts that Google use to implemented and up gradate the policies according to user benefits. It implements page speed in the algorithm list because most of the researches  show that if a page loads fasters, it results happier users.

As per the Google study it has been found that "slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds has a measurable impact on the number of searches per user."

By another study it has been pointed that 25% of increase in the page views and about 7-12% increase in revenue is measured by speeding up the website.

It has been also monitored that if loading speed of a page is good enough it impact on the page views visit by approximately up to 50%. Even one second delay in loading of your website can decrease the conversions by more than 7% as per the studies and researches

Users speak:

Among all 75% of users share their website surfing experience 'If a site is taking more than 4 seconds to load, we close the tab and goes with the faster options'. Most of the users expect to load a site in 2 seconds or even less.


  • The speed of Page loading impacts the user satisfaction directly and the conversion rates as well.
  • Google uses the speed of web page load metrics as a factor for ranking.
  • Load times of your website can be decreased by upgrading web hosting and also by implementing the best practices that are offered by OpenCart Shops.

Do you like slow websites? Well! Nobody does and neither your users will. Speed up your website with experienced team of OpenCart Shops.

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