How to get-in your website to top-search engine rankings

‘Search ranking’ a term that makes every website owner tensed. The reason behind this is, no matter which industry you belong to there are two things which matters a lot in this competitive world to stay always ahead 1. Your business must be on internet (Either by a complete website or through e-commerce site) 2. Your website search engine ranking should be listed on the first page or top 10-15 results. These two things are must for any business of any field. All the website owners have few doubts in mind: – How to make your website listing in top search engine results, what tricks to be adopt to make site viewable on top-most search results, these are the frequent questions which we guess all the website owner have, well we are having answers for all these frequent questions in our box let’s get introduced with all one by one.

Among the entire search engines we focus on the tactics of Google, which factors it focuses the most for website’s to give them a healthy ranking. We are focusing only on Google’s criteria of ranking because most of the people prefer Google to search anything to get appropriate results.

Major factors that affect the ranking of website:-

As per the researches and Google guidelines there are so many factors that affect the ranking of any website. Moreover the main aspects are Content, Titles (Meta title), Headers (Meta description), Total image content, Page size, Time to first byte (TTFB) and Speed.

  1. Content: – The content of your site should be fresh and unique in every manner; either it’s about product description, home page, about-us content or blog post of your website.
  1. Titles: – Here titles means the meta title of your website that should be of 69 characters included spaces (you can refer to any appropriate tool to know the exact count) and in this you must have to place your top most targeted keyword wisely.
  1. Headers: – The Meta description part of your website has been mentioned here as header.  Same as title tag it also have a limit of characters approx 160 characters included spaces (refer any tool to know the exact count), you should put all your targeted keywords in this section but maintain the flow of sentence in the same time because this is the very first thing which your audience will read about you, so it must be appropriate and decorated with the targeted keywords as well.
  1. Total Image Content: – Size, in bytes and time consumption of the images loaded in each website.
  1. Page Size: – Bytes, downloaded to render the web-page fully that includes ads, fonts, images and third party widgets. It has been analyzed the decreasing of page size effects the ranking of page.
  1. Time to first byte (TTFB): – Lower TTFB responds fast and results high rankings as compared to site having higher TTFB.
  1. Speed: – Earlier speed doesn’t impact on the search rankings. But from June 2010 Google introduce new criteria for ranking and here it has been listed that the speed of website will act as an important part in ranking of any website, so it is necessary that your site must have speed optimization done well on it. Speed refers as the time taken by any site to open.

All these are the major points that affect the ranking of your website. To rank on the top-most places on search engines do focus on mentioned points, and get listed your website at good ranking.


Author: ocartblog

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